My Model Classroom 2015 and Beyond: How My Vision has Changed (Before and After)

The RRC Advanced Instructional Methods Course will transform my way of teaching going forward. The student-centered approaches to learning (e.g. flipped classroom, journaling, Web Quests, Graphic Organizer: padlets, digital story-telling, and more) introduced in class opened my eyes to the opportunity for improved learning for students. I too, was a learner in the classroom and I was in awe of what I personally was capable of doing, especially in the realm of technology (think Google Slides, Course Wiki, and Google Docs). My learning mantra has always been, “Tell me, I Forget. Show me, I Remember. Involve me, I Understand.” These student-centered approaches definitely helped me understand the learning.

As a bi-product of a post-secondary education in the early 80’s, where the primary method of learning was lecture-based, I see the value to student-centered approaches.  I still remember being annoyed by a professor sitting at the front of the class and reading from his hand-written notes that were dog-torn and seemed to have yellowed over the years.  And, I don’t remember what he taught me in the long-term. In comes Coach Eva Brown, our instructor for Advanced Instructional Methods, and I am now motivated to use the Google Suite in my future teaching and drive student learning.

It will no longer be just me in front of the classroom, lecturing. I will make a concerted effort to utilize the student-centered learning approaches in my curriculum delivery.  One comment made in class is that our programs should and will not be the same each time you deliver.  This is not only because of different students in the classroom, but the instructor making an effort to build and improve the content and its delivery. I can look back to how I taught the Culture and Ethics Course this term and I could and would definitely incorporate student-centered methods to make the course better.

Students are the recipient s of our expanded knowledge on student-centered delivery methods for the next century.  The learning and the development of my instructional toolkit will help me prepare students for their future employment. We can confidently look back and say we significantly made a difference and contributed to their success!


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