About Me

My name is Sandra Shibata and I am the Office Manager in the Red River College’s International Education Office, responsible for the department`s day-to-day operations. I am not currently an instructor, however, am preparing for this future role by taking the Certificate in Adult Education (CAE) program.

I had my first RRC teaching “gig” while covering parts of an instructor’s maternity leave. I was given the opportunity to teach portions of the International Marketing Management, Basic Marketing and Culture and Ethics courses. Most of these courses were cohorts of international students who brought an interesting dynamic and flavour to the classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned first-hand the preparation, organizational and energy skills required to make an impact on students’ learning.

Prior to my role at RRC, I worked in the financial services sector for over 25 years where my areas of expertise were personal financial planning, marketing , corporate training and compliance auditing. In addition, I was a Certified Financial Planner and held positions as an Investment Specialist and Director of Compliance. My education background is a B. Comm. (hons.) from the University of Manitoba.

Out of high school, I was either going to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce. or Education degree. I was torn between the two, however, I made a career choice and pursued a business degree. Fast forward, 30 years, and I am in the education industry. Funny how life works! Life’s detours oftentimes lead you down a path where you were meant to be.


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